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Topic: How To: Avatars, Signatures, Profiles and Settings

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How To: Avatars, Signatures, Profiles and Settings
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How To:  Avatars, Signatures, Profiles and Settings

Each member has a profile which displays any details about themselves they wish to share, including location, email, birthday, gender and more. Each profile is customizable, and it is entirely a members own choice how much info to display, but please remember that any logged in member can view the profile of any other member.

This profile can be edited and updated at any time, by clicking on your own username and entering your member info panel and selecting 'Edit profile'.



This is a profile picture that appears above a members name each time they post on the forum.

To upload or change your avatar

1. Select 'Avatar' from the left hand menu in your profile panel.

2. Select 'upload an image from your computer', or to 'link to an image' saved with a third party host, for example one saved in your photobucket account.



Each member can shoose a signature that appears at the bottom of the posting area with every post.

Please keep your signture to a reasonable length ( it can be distracting when a signature is longer than the posts ) and we ask that members do not include links in their signature.

To upload or change your signature:

1. Select 'Signature' from your member profile panel

2. Enter your signature text a click 'save changes'



Please feel free to use this area to share more about yourself, or you can leave it blank.

To upload a biography:

1. Select 'Biography' from your member profile panel

2. Enter your text and click 'Save changes'



Each member can change a number of features related to the way the forum is displayed to them.

For example, visibility of signatures, post viewing order, language and time zone.

All of these features can be edited in your member profile panel, and selecting 'Settings'.

An example:

Order of Comments

All visitors and new members will see the order of comments in topics as the forum default, the oldest comment at the top. This is so the original post for that topic does not get lost in the thread.

To change the order of comments in all threads:

1. Select 'settings' from your member profile panel

2.  Select 'order of comments' ( currently set to forum default ) and click on 'newest first.'

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'save changes'.


If you have any questions about your settings or profile, please feel free to post them here or contact admin or one of the moderators.



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