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Topic: RIPPER STREET 2 EPISODE 5 - 'Threads of Silk and Gold' | Info | Poll | Screencaps

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Ripper Street 2 Episode 5 - What did you think? [12 vote(s)]

Flight-tastic! superb episode!
Very good, would have been better with more DC Flight
Ok, but not enough Flight…
Didn’t enjoy it at all
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RE: RIPPER STREET 2 EPISODE 5 - 'Threads of Silk and Gold' | Info | Poll | Screencaps

There is definitely not enough Flight in this episode! But there are some lovely scenes, the 'stroppy' Flight look when Reid asks him to get a hansom and the very masterful handcuffing of Vincent. Flight's frustration at not getting recognition from Reid is so interesting now we know Flight's purpose for being there. It's like Flight's trying to pretend to himself that all the other stuff isn't really happening and he can make something of himself at Leman Street.

This episode is rather bloody - I can't watch the gurgling. It's also really sad.

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Flight was def missed in Season 3


My all time fave Hal line (just love the way he says it)

"We've been played! My God! We've been played!"

"Annie's getting hysterical downstairs and I'm not enjoying it"

"kill me. Kill me now. You can tell Annie that I attacked you or something"

"“Were you guys talking about me? I heard ‘clearly gorgeous’” 

 "Yes because otherwise you are quite the catch"

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