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Topic: New SUSPECTS filming for Damien Molony – is Jack back for SERIES 4 and 5?

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New SUSPECTS filming for Damien Molony – is Jack back for SERIES 4 and 5?

New Suspects filming for Damien Molony – is Jack back for Series 4 and 5?


Jack is back!

We’re delighted to share the news that Damien is back on set as DS Jack Weston, shooting brand new episodes of Suspects for Channel 5.



Damien posted the above behind-the-scenes photo, showing him in Jack costume complete with bullet proof vest, on his instagram page yesterday.

He also revealed he is mid Suspects filming during an interview at the Kill Your Friends premiere last week.

One of the show’s co-creators and directors Steve Hughes also confirmed filming via his Twitter page.



He has completed on his episodes after only six days, but filming is still continuing as each series has more than one director.



So what does this new filming mean for our favourite TV crime drama?

At the end of Series 3 in January, Series 4 was announced for the summer, but a TX date is yet to be confirmed.

There has been no official announcement about the new episodes currently being filmed, but we strongly ‘suspect’ this means there will not only be a fourth series, but a fifth series too.

We don’t have the detective skills of CID Team 1, but since the last series ended at the beginning of this year, we’ve been closely following clues and investigating what is happening next with Suspects.

Here’s the evidence and facts we’ve gathered so far:

★ A total of 17 Suspects episodes have been filmed to date (not including current filming) – 10 in Autumn 2013, 7 in summer 2014. But only 13 have aired, 5 in Series 1 and 4 episodes each in both Series 2 and Series 3. This leaves 4 as yet unaired episodes.

★ A summer airdate for Series 4 was announced on air by Channel 5 on 21 January, after the end of Series 3.

★ The Suspects IMDb page (which sources tell us is officially maintained) lists bothSeries 4 and Series 5.

★ Series 4 is expected to comprise 4 episodes, with Series 5 totalling 6 episodes (also confirmed by the show’s IMDb page.)

★ A ‘next time’ ‘Coming Soon’ preview for series 4, (shown at the end of Series 3) revealed it would include the already previously filmed episodes (mentioned above.)

★ A new ‘coming soon’ Series 4 trailer aired 18 August on Channel 5, but has not been shown since.


So what can we conclude from the above evidence?

Firstly, we cannot be sure of the reason, but Series 4 appears to have been postponed. Secondly, in addition to the existing unaired 4 episodes expected to air in Series 4, new ones are being filmed right now. These facts suggest a possibility that the commissioning of yet another series (yay!) may be the cause of the delay, perhaps allowing for some additional filming for Series 4. Historically there has been some combining of already filmed episodes with new, could this be the case for series 4 and 5?

While we wait for official confirmation, it seems safe to assume there are two new series of Suspects heading to our TV screens (yay!).

This exciting news sweetens the wait for Series 4, but we eagerly anticipate the show’s return. As Jack Weston would say, “Let’s hurry on this one!”

Watch this space for news as it happens!


Suspects is produced by Newman Street (part of FremantleMedia UK) for Channel 5.


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Excellent summary of the case so far!


He'd have told me to join him, and I would. - still true!

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Great detective work! Lets hope they will announce something soon about season 4 and 5, or maybe just new season 4 which is going to be longer since it has old and new episodes mixed or maybe they follow original plan and air the old episodes as season 4 first. 

But I think they have actually started to think about the main plot. I mean, at first there wasn't much attention to detectives personal life but that changed after season 1. Maybe they wanted to add something on the season 4 so it would seem like it follows the plot (Jack got a warning and time off/his personal family issues affecting his work/previous happenings etc). Maybe they want to go deeper on the other characters life too. 

I still want the season 3 on DVD. My Damien collection is incomplete without it and they promised to put it on sale after season 4 but now there's this.. Uncertainty in the air about when and what's going to happen.

But I have to admit it's very exciting.. I wonder will we get more drama, more fighting scenes, more action... Maybe something happens to one of the characters? Who knows. Jack's bulletproof vest raised so many questions (and the hat) about what's going to happen.

Main thing is, that the Jack is going to be back! cool


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Great article domino!

And I agree Jozie.....the fact that they are definitly filming more episodes has got to be good news, regardless of how or when they're aired.  They wouldn't bother filming more if they didn't have any intention of airing them.  And it means there will be even more Suspects to look forward to!


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