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Topic: SUSPECTS one of the most exciting new shows in 2014

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SUSPECTS one of the most exciting new shows in 2014

SUSPECTS is appearing to be one of the most looked forward to new shows if 2014!


First up, it has made Digital Spy's list of 'thrilling new shows for 2014' (with a lovely big pic of Damien):

"Channel 5 unveils its first original drama in 8 years - a new and gritty take on the procedural cop drama. Fay Ripley and Being Human's Damien Molony star in the ground-breaking Suspects - shot in mockumentary style, you'll feel like you're right there alongside the coppers."

Read more here


Suspects is also second on the list for The Daily Star's top new shows of 2014:

"2 SUSPECTS, Channel 5, Feb: Channel 5’s bold new improvised home-grown crime drama, filmed fly-on-the-wall style, stars Fay Ripley, Damien Molony and Clare-Hope Ashitey."

Read more here 



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Yay!!! And I  can't wait for the trailer  this month. great find! 


My all time fave Hal line (just love the way he says it)

"We've been played! My God! We've been played!"

"Annie's getting hysterical downstairs and I'm not enjoying it"

"kill me. Kill me now. You can tell Annie that I attacked you or something"

"“Were you guys talking about me? I heard ‘clearly gorgeous’” 

 "Yes because otherwise you are quite the catch"

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Ha...it's always good to know we're not the only ones getting excited for something, and that this seems to be getting some good publicity already...


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