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Topic: Honolulu Heights is up for sale!

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Honolulu Heights is up for sale!

The much loved house in Barry which was used as the exterior of Honolulu Heights has gone on the market.  After the Maerdy Hotel (aka The Barry Grand) was razed to the ground by developers I am desperately hoping that it is bought by a fan of Being Human who appreicates it!



If you fancy it, but don't have a spare £375,000 (and, let's face it - not many people have!) you could help turn it into a Being Human themed B&B (it already has a B&B licence) by contributing to Su's crowdfunder!


Perks for contributors include your photo on a message board inside - or you could get yourself a nights stay.......and if it doesn't raise enough money, or the house is sold to somebody else, then your money will be refunded - so you've got nothing to lose!

Go on - do it!  Who wouldn't want to spend a night at Honolulu Heights.....?!



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Thank you for posting fifi, i keep meaning to but it has been an eventful week and you have done it so beautifully!

It would be amazeballs if the very special Honolulu Heights could be celebrated forever in some way. halyes Best of luck with your crowdfunder Su!


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First thing I would do, if I win in lottery, I would totally buy that house!

And then I would make B&B and there would be little maps in lobby that would tell all the being human locations, and all the BH fans would get discount! This will be checked by little guessing game, and there would be BH paintings and stuff decorating the place

Girl can dream, right?


I want to give Hal some Kia-Ora

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