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DMF has supported and reported on Damien's work since 2012.

During that time, Damien has supported a number of important causes (below).


With Damien's help, DMF has also fundraised for a total of six charities. Only with his generosity and support have we been able to run charity prize draws, where we have had the very special honour of giving away his own exclusive and personalised prizes.


Take a look below!



Damien Molony & DMF Charity fundraisers

‘Give Us a Quid’ Triathlon
The Frank Haines Memorial Trust, Hope House
June 2013

In June 2013 Damien took part in a Triathlon in aid of two charities supporting children and young people – The Frank Haines Memorial Trust which supports youth work in Tower Hamlets and East London, and Hope House children hospices, who provide specialist nursing care and support to life-limited children, young people and their families.

Running a charity prize draw via his Twitter and a Virgin Money Giving fundraiser page, Damien asked everyone to #GiveUsAQuid for a chance to win special “Being Human trinkets”.

He personally raised £2651 for the causes, with the triathlon as a whole event raising £15,000.



Smile For Starlight

24 April 2015

In April 2015 Damien posted a photo on Twitter in support of ‘Smile For Starlight’ and asked his followers in donate to the charity and “Help a seriously ill child smile again.”

National Doodle Day
Epilepsy Action
September 2017

Damien took part in a celebrity charity auction on National Doodle Day 22 September 2017. His personal doodle helped raise money for Epilepsy Action, a charity trying to build a brighter future for the 600,000 people living with epilepsy in the UK.


The Damien Molony Forum and Suspects TV Show Exclusive Charity Prize Draw

Embrace CVOC

January 2015


From 13 January - 10 February 2015 The Damien Molony Forum and Suspects TV Show fanpage ran a fundraiser for Embrace CVOC, a charity helping child victims of crime.  With Damien's help we raised£580.18! Damien kindly personalised a huge number of items for the prize draw, including photos and DVD covers.

Read more about the Embrace CVOC Fundraiser here



DMF Make A Wish 'Clean Break' Charity Prize Draw

Make A Wish Ireland

January 2016


January 2016 The Damien Molony Forum ran a fundraiser for Make A Wish Ireland. With Damien's help raised £256 to help make a New Year wish come true for children battling life-threatening illnesses. Damien kindly gave us a personalised Clean Break DVD for the prize draw.

Read more about the Make A Wish fundraiser here


The Mega Molony Memorabilia Charity Prize Draw

Mind & Combat Stress

December 2016


Autumn 2016 Damien gifted the forum with very special mementos (props, costumes, signed posters, photos) from his projects (Being Human, Suspects, The Body Of An American, Tiger Raid, No Man’s Land). His exclusive goodies enabled us to run a ‘Mega’ charity Prize Draw (from 10 October to 4 December) and raise £1040 for two very important causes Combat Stress, the UK’s leading veterans’ mental health charity and Mind, the leading mental health charity in England and Wales.

Read more about the MMM Charity Prize Draw here


THe DMF & Damien Molony Christmas King Lear Charity Prize Draw in aid of Age UK


December 2017

Damien personally organised a programme signed by him and every single cast member of the Chichester Festival Theatre production of King Lear for our 2017 charity prize draw, which ran from 27 November to 17 December 2017. With his help and support during the campaign, we fundraised a total of £445 for Age UK the largest UK charity supporting older people.

During the fundraiser, Damien posted on his Instagram page and added the fundraiser page in his Instagram Bio!












Read more about the Christmas King Lear Charity Prize Draw here



The DMF & Damien Molony ‘Crashing For Christmas’ Charity Prize Draw in aid of Centrepoint

December 2018




DMF collaborated with Damien again from 12 November – 10 December 2018 in our ‘Crashing For Christmas’ Charity prize draw. Damien signed and captioned Crashing DVDs and photos for the draw and also sent personalised cards to the top 3 donors.
Together we raised a total of £675 for youth homelessness charity Centrepoint.


The Damien Molony Forum ‘Brassic Fantastic’ Charity Prize Draw in aid of SANE
November 2019



For our 2019 fundraiser, we collaborated with Damien again for our biggest charity prize draw yet, in aid of UK mental health charity SANE. We gave away 29 one of a kind exclusive Brassic prizes, including clothing, DVDs, poster, photos, most signed by Damien and the cast.

Damien recorded a video for fans to introduce the campaign, talk about our chosen charity and model some of the prizes.


The prize draw ran from 5 – 29 November and we raised a total of £1360 – the most we have ever raised for charity.

Read more about the Brassic Fantastic Charity Prize Draw here!




The Damien Molony Forum is are hugely grateful to Damien for enabling us to make a small difference and support the important work of several charities. Big thanks also to all our fellow fans and everyone who has donated.


Damien Molony Charity News & Articles

 6 December 2019: BRASSIC FANTASTIC Charity Prize Draw – £1360 raised for mental health charity SANE! THANK YOU!

5 November 2019: ‘Brassic Fantastic’ Fundraiser in aid of SANE – WIN exclusive BRASSIC PRIZES signed by Damien Molony & cast!

17 December 2018: ‘Crashing For Christmas’ Charity Prize Draw – we raised £675! Official ‘thank you’ letter from youth homelessness Centrepoint

4 December 2018: ‘Crashing For Christmas’ Charity Prize Draw: MORE EXCLUSIVE DAMIEN MOLONY PRIZES ADDED!

12 November 2018: ‘Crashing For Christmas’ Charity Prize Draw: WIN Exclusive Signed DVD, PHOTOS & CHRISTMAS CARD from DAMIEN MOLONY!

27 November 2017: DMF Christmas Charity Prize Draw: WIN rare KING LEAR programme signed by DAMIEN MOLONY & ENTIRE CAST!

22 September 2017: DAMIEN MOLONY DOODLE for Epilepsy Action’s ‘Doodle Day’ Celebrity Auction – bid to win!

21 October 2016: DMF CHARITY PRIZE DRAW: WIN Exclusive No Man’s Land poster signed by ENTIRE CAST!

10 October 2016: WIN Exclusive DAMIEN MOLONY PRIZES in ‘Mega Molony Memorabilia’ Charity Prize Draw for MIND & Combat Stress!

5 January 2016: #DMFMakeAWish – Donate to WIN Exclusive Clean Break DVDs personalised by Damien Molony!



11 June 2013: Damien Molony Does Triathlon For Charity and Asks #giveusaquid for Two Great Causes

Damien is also an active blood donor and has campaigned for the importance of blood donation since 2012. Read more about that here!




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I am delighted and proud to be able to add the 'Crashing For Christmas' Charity Prize Draw to this topic.

This was the fifth time DMF had the privilege of collaborating with Damien to fundraise for an important cause.

Thank you to ALL involved! Here's to fan power making a difference again in the future!





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This week has been National Charity Week here in the UK and we have just completed our sixth charity fundraiser in collaboration with Damien:

Brassic Fantastic Charity Prize Draw in aid of SANE

This was our biggest prize draw yet, with a total of 29 exclusive prizes!

We smashed our fundraising target and raised the most we ever have for our chosen charity, SANE




We were inspired to choose a mental health charity this year because of the themes in Brassic. We chose SANE because of their amazing services and support to anyone dealing with mental health issues as well as their carers and families.

Damien went the extra mile for us with this charity prize draw, recording a special video introducing the fundraiser, talking about the charity and modelling some of the prizes.


"I’m Damien Molony, and I wanted to say hello to all the friends of the Damien Molony Forum and to fans of Brassic, everywhere. 

It’s November the 4th and we’ve already finished the first 3 episodes of Brassic series 2, we start today on episodes 4, 5 and 6, and I’ve got some exciting news about a fundraiser, a prize draw, a charity prize draw to be more specific, which is being run by domino at the Damien Molony Forum. 

And this year we’re fundraising for SANE, ‘S_A_N_E’, SANE, which is a uk charity which offers emotional support and information to people suffering with mental health problems. So I think a really appropriate one for Brassic, and we’re hoping to raise as much money as possible for this just incredibly important cause, and a really fantastic charity to support, especially around Christmas time. 

To encourage you all to donate and to raise as much money as we possibly can, we have loads of prizes, more than any fundraiser we’ve ever done before, all Brassic related. 

We’ve got [puts on F**K QUNOA cap] some Fuck Quinoa stuff, we’ve got hats, and T-shirts, a huge poster that I’ll get all the cast to sign on set today, we have DVDs, [holds up Brassic DVD cover]  signed, and other cool pictures [holds up Brassic portraits and photos], we’ve got so much stuff - there’s ones of my face over there, that’s exciting. 

As well as that, we’ve got my hoody, that I got when we wrapped on series 1, which is I guess one of a kind and really, really cool, designed by Aaron Heffernan, which is pretty cool.  

Also on top of that, for the top 3 donors I will send you a Christmas card. 

So, there’s so many prizes on offer I guess, well hopefully everyone will win a prize!

There’s nothing else to say other than to say thank you to domino at the Damien Molony Forum for first of all sourcing all the prizes, and also for organising the whole fundraiser, it’s a huge amount of work, and she has raised so much money over the past few years, hopefully we can top that even higher this year. 

I want to say thank you to Joe Gilgun, obviously without him, none of this would be possible, and he’s such an absolute legend. 

I want to say thank you to Calamity Films for giving us the big poster, [gets out the poster].

 I want to say thank you also to Dominic at Sky wo gave us the F*** Quinoa stuff, the poster is really really cool [unrolls poster, holds up to camera] and really really big, so I’ll get everyone to sign that on set. 

Yeah, hopefully we can raise loads of money to give to this really, really important charity. 


Damien also helped source many of the prizes and organised all the signings by the Brassic cast as well as sending many of the prizes to winners! All while he is so busy filming Brassic series 2.

He kindly donated his time, energy and good heart to help make this happen.



I am hugely grateful, honoured and proud.

HUGE THANKS to everyone who supported and  donated - together we made a difference and funded a new volunteer for SANE, which will help their work supporting those affected by mental illness.


Thank you to everyone named below!



Letter from SANE

I would like to say a huge thanks to you, Damien and everyone who contributed towards reaching the goal of £1,000!

Volunteers are vital to SANEline: they undergo a rigorous selection process before being provided with a unique training programme of over 92 hours, run by experienced staff and mental health professionals.

They are practiced in active listening skills and showing compassion, empathy, understanding and warmth. They also understand different mental health conditions and the workings of the mental health system. It costs £1,000 to train and support one new volunteer per year.

The Damien Molony Forum ‘Brassic Fantastic Fundraiser’ in aid of SANE has supported 1 new volunteer so far!
Thank you all so much! We couldn’t do it without amazing people like you. ♥”


We made a difference!




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Such brilliant news! It's wonderful to know that together we raised enough to train a volunteer! hug

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RPLovesIpswich wrote:

Such brilliant news! It's wonderful to know that together we raised enough to train a volunteer! hug

 It's amazing Rosie! Well done to everyone who entered and donated! grouphug


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Well done everyone! Fab amount raised and nice to see how much SANE appreciate it.
Thanks to Domino & Damien for organising another great fundraiser 👏

20191209_172741.jpgMy prize arrived today!


"You know you remind me of a conquest back in Madrid 1784. I wooed her with a thousand tulips."

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yay Congrats Becca, enjoy your prize! Thank you for coming to tell us it has arrived!


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