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Topic: Damien Molony Forum Party Political Broadcast: A message to all Molonians across the world

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Damien Molony Forum Party Political Broadcast: A message to all Molonians across the world

A political statement from DaMoLand


A message to all Molonians across the world from DMF owner domino

The forum is usually not a place for politics. This is a place we come to celebrate our fave actor and share a little joy.

But, as owner of the Damien Molony Forum webisites  I can no longer remain silent over the current political situation in this country (UK) without sharing where I stand and where the sites stand.

This morning many of us here in the UK are in despair, angry, confused and frightened for the future.


The UK is not United on the results of the election today. I was devastated with the results of the referendum and am even more devastated by the results of this election.

Most of the people I speak with in life and online do not hold the views shared by those who determined this outcome. We did not vote leave in the referendum and we did not vote for a party who will  turn their backs on the most vulnerable of our society. We cannot understand the outcome. Not my vote, not my prime minister.

DMF and all it’s sites are based on the uk, but I do not support the views held by the British government or it seems the majority of the British people.

I will always identify as European, in fact I am a Universalist, I believe in oneness, in humanity, in love, not hate.

As owner of the Damien Molony Forum, I want to say that where ever you’re from in the world please know you are welcome here.

In DaMoLand there are no borders, barriers or divides.

No poverty, inequality or neglect.


These are the values we hold here.

 Please note, this forum is entirely unoffiicial and not endorsed by Damien in any way. These views are my own, and as owner of the sites this is my statement.


Humanity has lost its way and it hurts so many of us.

So if like me there are times you need to remind yourself of something good, and without division, and yes perhaps even escape or distract yourself from the horrors of the world, you are always welcome in DaMoLand.


This is a sad and scary day.

I hope this small corner of the world brings some comfort to you as it does to me.



Damien Molony Forum



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Sending huge love to all my fellow UK remainers and to all my European friends.

This is a sad day, this is not the choice of all in the UK and many are fearful for what comes next.

We want to be part of the European Union that choice has been removed from us.


Please know that here at the forum there are no borders, no isolationism, all one, all equal, all welcome. 





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